Vehicle Emissions Testing

Local drivers take the emission test


Since 2005 Wandsworth has been offering free roadside emissions tests in our town centre car parks.

The project helps to raise awareness about vehicle pollution and encourage drivers to take simple steps to reduce their emissions like correctly inflating tyres.

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The exhaust testing aims to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining vehicles and to give advice to the drivers of vehicles whose engines are not working efficiently and may need a service or repair so that pollutants are kept to an absolute minimum.  They also help local drivers to reduce running costs and spot minor engine problems which could otherwise develop into a serious fault


Of the 500 vehicles have been tested since 2005 and the events have sparked thousands of conversations with local people about the affects of traffic on local air quality and the steps they can take to limit those impacts.

While the testing took place Wandsworth Council officers were able to give advice to the drivers and give out copies of the Council’s ‘Smarter Driving Tips’ leaflet – which explains how to reduce vehicle emissions and make savings on running costs and the free airTEXT messaging service targeted at individuals with heart or breathing problems.

Practical tips that can help reduce emissions include removing unnecessary weight from the car, switching off the air conditioning and pumping tyres up to the correct pressure.

Residents were also encouraged to walk more, cycle, use public transport and consider joining car clubs, which all cut the number of vehicles on the roads.