Eco Stars sign up to make Sutton and Croydon’s air cleaner

Eco Stars Expert Logistics

Members of Sutton and Croydon’s business community are being urged to sign their vehicles up to a free scheme to cut vehicle emissions.

The first fleet operators of HGVs and vans in the Beddington area have already made their commitment by signing up to the Eco Stars scheme and more are being encouraged to follow their example.

The scheme, which is a joint project between Sutton and Croydon Councils, aims to help fleet operators improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, cut exhaust emissions and make cost savings.

The scheme provides recognition for best operational practices, and guidance for making improvements. Members are awarded an ECO Star rating when they first join – ranging from 1 Star to 5 Stars – based on an assessment of their current operational and environmental performance.

Twelve operators have already received the free advice and the Councils are encouraging more local firms to join them.

Among them is family-run company PF Whitehead Transport Services based in Beddington, ASDA and Expert Logistics.

Sutton Council, which has also signed its vehicles up, is championing the scheme as part of its One Planet Sutton environment commitments to achieve more sustainable living in the borough.

The scheme will run for two years and the two councils will then evaluate its success. If enough vehicle fleets are on board, the councils will seek further funding to expand ECO Stars.


For more information please visit the Eco Stars official website here