Croydon Town Centre Construction Logistics Plan 2014-2018

Croydon town centre will see unprecedented development over the next few years, it is estimated that there will be around 3 billion pounds of development planned between 2014 & 2018. It is also expected that this investment will be a catalyst for a further 3 billion pounds of regeneration.

The most significant risk to air quality and one that requires careful management throughout this regeneration phase are emissions produced by both construction sites and the significant increase in construction site traffic through Croydon’s main corridors. One large development alone is predicting over 200 HGV’s per day throughout the construction period. As well as significant risk to air quality this increased traffic could gridlock central Croydon thus increase static traffic emissions, impact road public transport, affect its existing businesses, reduce safety to road users and could risk Croydon being seen as closed for business

The developments in the town centre will involve significant levels of heavy traffic to support the required demolition, build and fitting out of the new sites.  This increased traffic carries risks including safety, air pollution, noise and journey time reliability.

To help manage the potential impact of the works in the town centre, a zonal Construction Logistics Plan (CLP) is proposed.  This sets out many measures to manage, smooth, and communicate what is being done to ensure that existing visitors, residents and businesses in the town centre can continue to function, while taking the necessary sensible steps to modify their behaviour in ways that will allow business as usual.

Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs)

Construction Logistics Plans (CLPs) are a management tool for planners, developers and those working on all aspects of demolition and construction projects.  They provide a framework for overseeing all aspects of logistics operations to, at and from construction sites.  Currently all new major developments in the London Borough of Croydon are required to develop and agree a CLP, with the Council, as part of the planning process.  However, these CLPs are each developed in isolation rather than considering how external elements such as street works and neighbouring developments might impact one another.


The Town Centre Construction Logistics Plan therefore will be a collaboration and information sharing function through which the public and private sector stakeholders with an interest in the smooth running and managed impact of construction logistics will participate in.


A range of guidance documents and tool kits are available in the ‘your borough’ section Croydon.