Clean Air 4 Croydon Schools

School Assembly on Air Quality

The Clean Air 4 Croydon Schools project was commissioned to raise awareness of air quality among primary school children. This project was based on the London Sustainability Exchange Toolkit and delivered by an environmental educator with the support of the Pollution Team at Croydon Council.

The main causes of air pollution and the health implications of poor air quality were investigated; and the potential for behaviour change amongst parents, teachers and pupils were explored, particularly in relation to engine idling, and travel to and from school.

Air quality awareness was raised using social marketing and by promoting behaviour change during assemblies, on posters and banners, leaflets to parents and the completion of idling surveys outside schools.

To facilitate post project air quality lessons staff members took part in CPD training which provided them with adaptable learning resources.

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Key individuals and groups essential to the success of the project:

  • Adult champions: Teachers that supported the project delivery.
  • Pupil champions: A key group of pupils, comprising of either the eco-team or the school council.
  • Citizen scientists: A group of pupils (two or three classes in each school) who investigated air quality around their school.
  • Whole school: The air quality communication competitions were open to all pupils.
  • Parents: Parents were surveyed on their understanding of air quality and many supported their children with competition entries.

Pilot Project: Six weeks during the Summer term 2013

Participating schools; Broadmead Primary School, Rockmount Primary School, and West Thornton Primary Academy.

Measuring nitrogen dioxide concentrationKey project members

  • 4 adult champions
  • 46 pupil champions
  • 170 citizen scientists
  • 30 staff members completed CPD
  • 60 parents surveyed
  • 1,470 competition entrants

Download the full report Clean Air 4 Croydon Schools 2013

Pilot Project: Twelve weeks during the Spring/Summer term 2014

Participating schools; ARK Oval Primary Academy, Howard Primary School, and Parish Church CE Junior School.

Air Quality communication hat competitionKey project members

  • 6 adult champions
  • 210 pupil champions
  • 170 citizen scientists
  • 33 staff members completed CPD
  • 384 parents surveyed
  • 824 competition entrants

Download the full report Clean Air 4 Croydon Schools 2014

Ongoing work

A joint borough Clean Air 4 Schools project involving the London Boroughs of Croydon, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth is currently in progress (2015/16) and will continue in 2016/17. The project is led by Wandsworth and delivered by London Sustainability Exchange (LSx) in three primary schools in each borough.

How to get involved!

Current interest in air quality in London and its impact on health especially for young people has led to the development of a number of freely available air quality educational resources being developed.

  • London Sustainability Exchange in partnership with the Greater London Authority has developed a ‘Cleaner Air 4 Schools Toolkit’. The toolkit provides an outline of how to raise awareness and deliver behaviour change programs in primary schools on air quality along with citizen science resources on how to measure local air pollution.
Teacher CPD
  • Open Air Laboratories – ‘OPAL’ is headed by Imperial College London and supported by a range of partners including the Natural History Museum.  Visit their website for information, activities, quizzes and lesson plans are on air quality. These resources have been developed to inspire pupils to develop a love of nature and the environment.