Breathe Better Together

On the 30th January 2015 The Mayor of London Boris Johnson launched the Breathe Better campaign at Norbury Manor Primary School in Croydon.

The Breathe Better Together campaign hopes to encourage people to make small behavioural changes that can make a positive impact on air quality and is particularly aimed at younger people and families. The campaign will work closely with airTEXT London’s free air pollution alert provider.

Mayor BBT

Boris Johnson said “This is about promoting small simple steps we can all make to help improve air quality, protect ourselves from pollutants and indeed breathe better together.”

Over the next few months Londoners will see ‘Breathe Better Together’ information posters on London transport, hear adverts on the radio and many schools and businesses will participate in pollution tackling seminars.

Londoners will be encouraged to sign up to receive free regular email and text alerts about pollution levels, plus offered simple tips and information to minimise exposure. Parents will be encouraged to walk or cycle the school run using less polluted routes, whilst drivers will be asked to switch their engines off when their cars are parked or stationary for a long period of time.


Many schools across London will be visited by the giant pop up globe to help them learn more facts and gain greater understanding of air quality including its cause.

Breathe Better Together is part of the Mayor’s Cleaner Air for London programme in partnership with Camden, the City of London, Croydon and Islington. Funding has been secured from Defra’s national air quality grants programme, the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund and the Joint Air Quality Initiative (JOAQUIN), a health focused EU INTERREG funded project.