New Air Quality Monitoring Station in Croydon

Croydon has a new air quality monitoring station in the town centre. Due to the improvements in the streetscene via the Connected Croydon initiative, earlier this year the monitoring station on the corner of George St and Wellesley Road (Croydon 4) had to be removed. We are pleased to announce that its replacement (Croydon 9) is now up and running. The new monitoring station is about 50 metres south of the Croydon 4 location. The new station is on a pedestrian crossing island in Park Lane, and is monitoring nitrogen dioxide and PM10 particulate matter. This roadside site will provide valuable data for traffic emissions and other pollution sources, allowing the Pollution Team to target projects aimed at reducing pollution in the busy town centre.

Croydon 9

All of the data gathered from the borough’s air quality monitoring network can be downloaded from the London Air Quality Network website which enables comparison with other monitoring sites in London.

Nitrogen dioxide diffusion tube data will be available on the Air Quality Map once the annual data for 2016 is available.

For further information please contact Linda Johnson, Pollution Team Manager, or Clive Simmonds, Environmental Consultant, in the Pollution team on 0208 760 5483, or e-mail or